Clean Freak Hand  Sanitizer

Clean Freak is an FDA approved 80% alcohol-based hand sanitizer. It contains the active ingredients recommended by the CDC for good hand hygiene during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Your Order will Help Fund Covid-19 Research 

When you purchase Clean Freak hand sanitizer on a portion of the proceeds will be donated to John Hopkins Medicine to help fund the COVID-19 response, including research toward developing effective treatments and a vaccination.

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When you purchase Clean Freak hand sanitizer you can be confident you are buying one of the most effective hand sanitizers available. With an alcohol content of 80%, Clean Freak hand sanitizer far exceeds the CDC's minimum requirement of 60% for ethanol-based hand sanitizers. In fact, Clean Freak hand sanitizer contains the highest alcohol content you can find in a gel hand sanitizer.

Why is alcohol content important?


In short, the higher the alcohol content the more effective it is against COVID-19. The CDC found ethanol alcohol of 60% or greater inactivates the COVID-19 virus. This is why healthcare settings are required to use ethanol-based hand sanitizers with greater than 60% alcohol. Clean Freak meets medical grade standards with an alcohol content of 80% ethanol.

CDC recommended and FDA approved

Many hand sanitizers, including well known brands, fail to meet the CDC's recommendations for good hand hygiene. In order to meet CDC recommendations, ethanol-based hand sanitizers must contain at least 60% alcohol, while Isopropyl-based hand sanitizers must contain at least 70% alcohol. Please check your current hand sanitizer to be sure it is providing the protection you need.

The CDC also recommends using an FDA approved hand sanitizer when available. Clean Freak has full FDA approval. Due to the current pandemic many hand sanitizers being sold Are Not FDA approved. These hand sanitizers are often advertised as "CDC formula" or "FDA formula." That is not the same as being FDA approved.

You can learn more about CDC recommendations here.

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